Our History

Derry – Londonderry has a diverse history with something to cater towards all interests. We cover all aspects of the city’s history on our tour.


Christian Settlement

St Columba founded the city in the 6th century naming the city 'Doire'. Also known as 'Doire Colmcille' or Derry.


The Plantation Of Ulster

Known as the Plantation - this is the basis of why we have a walled city. Upon building the walls the name of the city was then changed to Londonderry 


The Siege

The longest siege in British military history playing a crucial role in the city's culture today 


World War 2

We were the base for many British , American and Canadian Navy's due to our location near the Atlantic.


The Troubles

From 1968- 1998 our city endured a terrible time period known worldwide as the Troubles.  Bloody Sunday occurred in Derry's bogside area.


Modern day Peace & Reconciliation

The Good Friday Agreement led us towards the peaceful and vibrant city that we are so proud to call our Home.

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