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Museums In the City

Our city has such a diverse and rich history so it is only right that we have a range of museums to showcase that.  Each of our museums are totally different to the others, giving an immersive experience into cultures in our city.

The Tower Museum

The Tower Museum is the main council run museum in the city and is fantastic value at only £4pp.  In this museum they have 2 permanent exhibitions ‘The Story of Derry’ which gives an insightful background into all of the city’s history with artefacts and collections and their second exhibition is ‘La Trinidad Valencera’ – which covers the history of the Spanish Armada ship which sunk off the coast of our neighbouring county Donegal in 1588.  Discovered in 1971 off Kinnagoe Bay in Donegal, the Tower Museum now hosts the fantastic exhibiton exploring its discovery and its history.

Until 24th March 2023 and running in conjunction with the 25th Anniversary of the Good Friday agreement,  the Tower Museum are running a temporary exhibition showcasing Peace Heroines of our region.  This fantastic exhibition celebrates local woman working across political and religious divides to create a more peaceful future for generations to come.  This exhibit is one not to be missed!

The Tower Museum, Union Hall Place, Londonderry BT48 6LU 

Museum of Free Derry

Based in the Bogside, an area of the city which seen extremely difficult times during the Troubles 1968-1998, The Museum of Free Derry is a must visit.  Run by families of victims of the troubles – learn about the civil rights movement up until Bloody Sunday 1972.  The story is told from the point of view of those who were most affected and involved by these events.  Be sure to explore the Bogside area also while visiting – Free Derry Corner, the murals and the Bloody Sunday Memorial Garden will offer powerful insights into our history.

Museum of Free Derry
Bloody Sunday Trust
55 Glenfada Park
Derry, BT48 9DR

The Siege Museum

Located in the heart of the Walled City, delve deeper into the tragic events of the Siege of the walled city in 1689.  Originally 13 Apprentice Boys shut the gates shouting “No Surrender” and today there are thousands of Apprentice Boys who commemorate this time period in our history.   This museum is run by current Apprentice Boys who are passionate about their role in the city’s cultural traditions.  Read the Siege menu, see a replica of the statue of Governor Walker and learn about one of the city’s longest running organisations.

The Guildhall

The Heart of the City.  Our working city hall with our Council Chamber and Mayor’s Parlour no visit to Derry would be complete without a stop here.  Extensively rennovated in 2013, the Guildhall is an architectural delight and boasts the largest pipe organ in the country with 3132 pipes.  Beautiful stained glass windows lend extra light into the main hall, each window telling a story of a significant part of our city’s history.  The ground floor also has an exhibition on ‘The Plantation of Ulster’.

As of December 2022, our city hall became the only place in the world where you can view the Nobel Peace Prize, Gandhi Prize for peace and the Martin Luther King prize for Peace side by side by side – with a fabulous exhibition on one our our city’s greatest John Hume – the only person in the world to have won all 3 major Peace Prizes.

Guildhall Street, Derry BT48 6DQ

Coming soon – our new Maritime Museum is expected to open in 2024, covering the history of our city’s role in World War 2, the U Boat surrender in the River Foyle in 1945 and the history of ‘Europe Base 1’ Ebrington Square.

Be sure to join a Martin McCrossan Tour of the city to gain a full background of all aspects of the city’s history.  Tours everyday at 10am,12noon, 2pm and 4pm and the cost is only £6pp.  No need to book – just show up at 11 Carlisle Road at your preferred day and time.


~Charlene McCrossan 

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